Simply Healthy Apothecary, On-location Photo Shoot, Atlantic Beach, FL

Meet Lorien Anderson, Owner of Simply Healthy, in Atlantic Beach, FL.

Lorien developed her appreciation for the power of herbs while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. Her host mother had a thriving garden full of useful herbs, and she shared her expertise and knowledge freely. In a country where resources are scarce, and a doctor’s visit means an hour on the bus and hours waiting in line, Lorien learned the practical value of herbal preparations.

Lorien shares her vast knowledge of herbs through personalized consultations and the many wonderful remedies she makes for her clients, including herbal tea blends, aromatherapy blends, herbal infused salves, fire cider, and so much more! As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Lorien is committed to educating people about the physical and psychological benefits that herbs offer. She teaches clients how to incorporate herbs into their daily lives for improved health, weight management, stress and anxiety management, increased energy and immune system vitality.

I had a lovely time collaborating with Lorien to create some beautiful new images in her apothecary. If you are interested in learning more about Lorien and her incredible offerings, please visit the Simply Healthy website.

I recommend checking out her recipe page for healthy soups, salads and make at home herbal remedies.