Using Color To Communicate Your Brand Identity - Headshots & Branding Photography, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Building a strong personal brand, no matter your profession goes far beyond just showing the world what you do, it involves showing potential clients, colleagues and peers WHO YOU ARE! Collaborating with clients to deliver authentic, expressive photographs that reveal a bit of their character and passion, is the very best part of my job.

Recently, I worked with Belinda Witherspoon, a Certified Massage Therapist CMT and Accountability Coach at the Mind & Body Experience. Belinda and I spoke at length about the importance of establishing a strong visual identity that would connect with her clients. Belinda’s work spans multiple health and wellness categories, from massage therapy to life-coaching. From our very first meeting, it was apparent that Belinda has a warm and inviting energy. Her spirit is contagious, she is just one of those people who you meet, and feel like you have known forever! For Belinda’s headshots, it was important to establish a color palette that would serve multiple facets of her brand, and help communicate her dynamic personality. Color always plays a big role in my work, and I was thrilled that Belinda and I saw eye-to-eye on the use of yellow and blue, to communicate her visual story.

You may not realize it, but color psychology plays a key role in your brand identity. It takes the brain less than 30 seconds to process visual cues, so it is important to plan your wardrobe and backdrop selections with care. We relied on yellow in the studio with pops of red, to communicate energy, happiness, warmth and creativity. For the second part of our session, we used the beach as our backdrop to convey feelings of peace, wisdom, stability and faith.

 Belinda was an absolute joy to collaborate with, and I cannot wait to see how her unique brand evolves. If you would like to check out Belinda’s massage offerings, you can review her offerings and book her services on style seat: